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Lomatium dissectum var. multifidum

The tall stature (over 30 cm tall and with a stem base usually well over 4 mm in diameter), glabrous herbage, multiply dissected fern-like leaves, and yellow petals combine to distinguish this species, which commonly inhabits sagebrush steppe but here grows on a dry slope with a southern exposure. Posted by Matt Lavin on 2016-06-01 […]

Triticum aestivum

The midrib of the glume, which extends up to the short glume awn, is eccentric, or off to one side of the glume (not centered as in other grass species). Posted by Matt Lavin on 2009-09-04 04:02:46 Tagged: , cultivated , disturbed site , grass , Poaceae , Triticum , Triticum aestivum , wheat , […]

Cynoglossum officinale

Common in highly disturbed areas such as pastures and sides of roads and parking lots especially where herbicide is often applied, houndstongue in early summer flower produces conspicuous flowers each with a generally brick red corolla. The corolla tube is completely surrounded by the calyx lobes and the corolla limb flares outward at about 45 […]

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